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Emergent Project for the Next Generation of Digital Arts

Call for Proposals





Deadline: April 20, 2024


perte de signal, in partnership with Molior, is calling for proposals for its Emergent Project program. This program provides support to emerging artists in digital and new media arts and serves as an opportunity for their professional development.

The Emergent Project program is a mentorship initiative, situated midway between commissioning artwork and a residency. It provides support to a group of emerging artists in the development, production, presentation, and promotion of a significant collective new media art project over a period of one to two years.

The Emergent Project is the first research-creation program developed by perte de signal. Established in 2002, it has since allowed numerous artists to kickstart their professional careers, including Jonathan Villeneuve, Karine Payette, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, and, in 2016, hosted artists Lucas Paris, Pascale Leblanc-Lavigne, and Roby Provost-Blanchard. Their final project, “Transposition,” was notably presented in October 2019 at the German festival Lab30.

 The idea for this program came about in 2002 after observing the challenging journey of young artists between the end of their studies and the beginning of their professional artistic careers. The Emergent Project aims to assist them during this transitional period by providing guidance for acquiring professional artistic experience. The project requires artists’ involvement in the overall project development, including fundraising, ideation, production, finding a venue for dissemination, and project promotion. This uniqueness equips participating artists with the tools to continue their professional artistic careers, enabling them not only to bring an artistic idea to fruition but also to complete a project. Thus, the mentorship provided by the organization is logistical and financial in nature, with the artistic content entirely in the hands of the participating artists.

Our mission is to support a diverse range of artists typically in their 2nd to 10th year of practice, considering those with a track record of creating and presenting full works, yet not at a stage where they consistently receive development, production opportunities, or significant recognition. We do not consider age as a determining factor; instead, we assess artists’ career stages based on their cumulative years of generating work. Mid-career or established artists shifting disciplines are not considered early career. We recognize the varied impact of factors like discipline, race, class, gender, ability, mental health, neurodiveristy and geography on artists’ opportunities. Despite potential variations, our “early career” definition provides clarity while embracing flexibility to acknowledge the diverse variables impacting artists’ careers.

  • Demonstrate a clear direction and goals in their artistic pursuits, even as they continue to refine their artistic “voice”.
  • Have yet to receive significant recognition within their field, the media, funding circles, or the wider public.
  • Identify as vocational artists, distinguishing themselves from avocational, academic, amateur, or educational practitioners.
  • Possess training, experience, or achievements in one or more specific fields of practice.
  • Focus on generating and producing entirely new artistic work, rather than interpreting, translating, arranging, copying, or re-staging existing pieces or the work of others.
  • Reside in the Greater Montreal Area

 For this special edition, in partnership with perte de signal, we will collaborate on selecting artists for future
cohorts. In this context, Molior will be involved in the selection process of residents and will participate in organized meeting sessions with them.

For any questions about the program, the selection criteria, or the content of the proposal, please refer to the document below :


We invite you to submit your proposals before midnight on April 20, 2024.

•  Individual or collective applications are welcome;

•  Applications can be submitted in French or English;

• Please specify “Application_Emergent Project” in the subject of your email. To submit your application or for any questions, please contact perte de signal’s director, Anoush Moazzeni, at the following address:

• The selection of candidates will be carried out by a committee consisting of members of perte de signal and the general and artistic direction of Molior.