Baron Lanteigne


Ascension invites the visitor to explore an environment whose behaviour revolves around a central element: an ascending/descending liquid that refracts light. Counter-intuitive but based on an internal consistency, the core of this suspended landscape unfolds through the manipulation of a data flow exchanged by connected devices. By moving, it is possible to slow down the movement of this substance in order to better observe it, or to be carried away by the dizzying acceleration of the scene. An ceaseless blossoming of hands all around, reminds us that these are both the source and the condition of the continuous omni-connection that characterizes our actual relationship to the world. Baron Lanteigne is interested in the particularities that allow us to interpret an image as a physical place, whether it be perspective, horizon, or Euclidean architecture. With Ascension, he revisits this logic by structuring a space and a “nature” according to other rules.

This artwork is presented as a world premiere.