Caroline Gagné


The work draws on virtual reality technologies and non-linear sound composition to question, in a poetic way, the presence of the human being in their environment. The spectator is immersed in the heart of a forest generated in “cloud points,” which evolves according to the attitude of observation and attention that he privileges. The experience begins in a windswept and foggy virtual environment where snow is falling from the sky. As the spectator adopts slow movements, the wind calms down and the fog dissipates. Noises gradually appear: a stream flows, a fluttering of wings, a cracking or crumpling of dry grass appears at their feet. The more the viewer slows down their movements, the more the micro-movements of the forest become perceptible and multiply. This quietude full of delicate details collapses as soon as the viewer makes a sudden move. Triggered by human presence, the storm then unleashes, leaving only the shadows of disappearing volatile particles perceptible.