Baron Lanteigne


Computer generated virtual environment, screens, cables, synthetic grass.

Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle is an installation made up of an arrangement of screens, whose contents were created in parallel with the virtual reality work Ascension. The visuals that unfold in it are the result of an exploration of “digital matter’s” behaviour, particularly when it comes to simulating translucent elements such as liquids. Light refraction effects distort the generative visual environment and cross the screen-portals. Laid out on the floor and suspended, these interfaces evoke a data flow exchange, metamorphosing the simulated liquid into a metaphor proper to the digital world. Baron Lanteigne is interested in the particularities that allow an image to be interpreted as a physical place, whether it be according to perspective, horizon, or Euclidean architecture. With Cinématographie de la Matière Virtuelle and Ascension, he proposes various elements that thwart the expectations we base on our experience of reality on, in favour of a pervasive and proactive virtuality.

Crédits : Discord integration: Maxime Alexandre Gosselin
The artist thanks Agence TOPO.