Sabrina Ratté


Extendable pole, screens, Raspberry Pi and pico projectors.

Lieux de mémoire is a proposal that brings together sketches and video sequences from the production of the virtual reality work Floralia. In parallel to the VR experience, this material is presented as a body of archives: a selection of visual elements testifying to the process of exploration that led to the creation of the work. Consisting of an installation of small video screens and projections, the whole is a complement to the VR work, tracing a common thread between the virtual and real spaces. This work draws its inspiration from the works of Donna Haraway, Ursula Le Guin, and Greg Egan. Lieux de mémoire and Floralia immerse us in a speculative future, where samples of henceforth extinct plant species are preserved and displayed as virtual specimens. Their arrangement is sporadically transformed by interferences triggered by the memory emanating from the listed plants, thus revealing traces of a past that continues to haunt the place. It is a simulation of ecosystems born of the fusion between technology and organic matter, where past and future share quarters in the perpetual tension of the present.

Crédits : Digital Lutherie: Guillaume Arseneault