Autofading_Se disparaître

Caroline Gagné


Laminated wood fiber with computerized numerical control (CNC) cuts based on a modelized rock, vinyl, iPhone and monotrack.

Sans titre (artefacts) is a material extension of the virtual reality work Autofading_Se disparaître. With a synthetic rock as a central element—which is also at the heart of the VR work—the installation proposes a form of anchoring in the real. The object in question thus coexists in both worlds, activating a mental and physical round-trip between the artistic proposals. Visitors are here invited to sit on it, a headset placed on the rock allowing them to hear a sound composition linked to a video sequence— excerpted from the virtual work—displayed via the screen of a cell phone, which can be seen nearby. Similar to the VR work – in which stillness and silence are the triggers for virtual events—the digital image and sound are closely intertwined: in this case, it is the audio frequencies that have transposed this wavering quality to the image (through a pre-recorded process, not in real-time). This shakiness is the invisible yet physical link that runs through these artefacts that have emerged from the work Autofading_Se disparaître.