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Portrait de Marta Gaspar Carpinteiro en noir et blanc.

Marta Gaspar Carpinteiro

Project and administration manager

Marta Gaspar Carpinteiro is a researcher and cultural projects manager.

Trained in history and cinema at McGill University, she lived in Sweden for 3 years while she completed a master’s degree at Uppsala University. In 2016, she joined Montreal’s arts and culture environment as a documentary film researcher and production coordinator. She worked on various documentary films and series produced by Productions de la Ruelle. She then expanded her practice and skills while working as project manager for the sound creation studio Dremeka and the Growlers Choir. Since 2020, she has collaborated with the theatre company The Other Theatre, the poet and singer-songwriter Valérie Curro Kayat, and the composer and saxophonist Damian Birbrier. She continues to work as an historical consultant and documentary researcher, collaborating with Productions Nova Média. She joined Molior’s team as its new project manager.