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Molior takes part of the Mois Multi pro program

The Molior team was invited to take part in the Inventing the Virtual Reality Exhibition: From Ideation to Diffusion round table alongside Sporobole and Archiv VR as part of the Mois Multi 2024 pro program!


Our artistic director, Aurélie Besson, presented the exhibition New Surroundings: Approaching the Untouchable curated by Nathalie Bachand and its distribution model.



The digitization of our relationship with the world is bringing profound changes in the way we experience art. Among the tools available to invent new approaches, virtual reality offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore the imagination and provides a new way of looking at the exhibition experience. However, the technology is not as accessible as we might have hoped, and the digital expertise represents an obstacle in the cultural world. From ideation to creation, from licensing to the conceptualization of the spaces to be invested (virtual space but also physical space) for the experience, the round-table discussion will look at the challenges of inventing a virtual reality exhibition, and will provide an opportunity to reflect on the issues of funding, the operating methods of programming teams and those of artistic productions, while seeking to find solutions for integrating this digital expertise into cultural ecosystems.

We’d like to thank Amélie Laurence Fortin and Recto – Verso / le Mois multi productions for their invitation!