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Networking and Scouting Residency for Curators

Budapest, Hungary

From May 26th to June 2nd, 2019

This residency is providing Nathalie Bachand with the opportunity to broaden her professional network and to enrich her curatorial research.

Sponsored by Molior and its prestigious Hungarian partner the Ludwig Múseum, she is visiting the studios of Budapest artists, discovering the key institutions of the host community, and meeting with curators as well as with other contemporary and digital arts specialists.  She will give a talk about her practice at the Ludwig Múzeum on May 30 at 18h.

For Molior it is essential to support the work of independent curators by fostering professional encounters in a context that stimulates reflection and the emergence of collaborative projects. These initiatives are driven by knowledge sharing, network development and the establishment of lasting relationships between professionals and institutions, all this in a perspective of cooperation and reciprocity. This endeavour is being put together with the expertise and input of many partners and aims to open markets and create opportunities on the international scene for the both the Quebecois community and that of its partners.

In the months following this first residency, Molior will in turn receive international curators in Montreal and will set up a personalized meeting and visit program for each one. This project is a follow-up on the organization’s work with curators from here and on the international scene and it confirms a first partnership with the Ludwig Múseum. This will be Molior’s second collaboration with Nathalie Bachand, the curator of The Dead Web – La fin, an exhibition that was presented in collaboration with the Mirage Festival, held in Lyon from April 3 to 7, and the Mapping Festival in Geneva, held from May 23 to June 2, 2019.



The Ludwig Múseum of Contemporary Art exhibits modern and contemporary art masterpieces. Its collection comprises famous works of American Pop Art and Europeans art, with a particular emphasis on Hungarian art from the 1960s to today. The temporary exhibitions present high caliber international artists as well as great Hungarian masters.

Molior thanks it’s partner The Ludwig Múseum.