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Signal Festival 5th edition in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

From October 12th to October 15th, 2017


Robyn Moody

Signal Festival of lights is the largest cultural event in the Czech Republic, whose unique integration of art, city space, and modern technology has drawn over 1.5 million attendees to Prague in the four years of its existence.

Molior has set up a new coproduction with the Signal Festival in the Czech Republic. Last of a total of three major events that have each presented several wide-ranging light works in public space at the scale of their city. 

After its participation in the Biela Noc of Košice and Bratislava (Slovakia), Robyn Moody’s work continued its tour for three days of exhibition at the Signal Festival.

This project has received support from the following institutions: the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Molior would like to thank the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Les offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ) for their invaluable collaboration.


Artist & work

Robyn Moody
Wave Interference


Fluorescent lamps, PVC, Motor, Organ

The kinetic installation Wave Interference unfolds in the shape of a light wave. 88 neon lights appear to float to the sounds of an old organ. The wave fluctuates slowly, in a fluid movement, and it captivates through optical illusion effects. It invites one to undergo an experience of amplified sensorial dimensions in a mysterious atmosphere. It takes us into a suspended time, towards a meditative and fascinating state.

It not only has the power to transform our relationship to the site where it is presented, it also reveals unsuspected states both in our perceptual experience and on the level of the phenomena in our midst. Wave Interference refers to electromagnetic waves and their ubiquity.

Moody explains that we are typically oblivious to these waves until we have some detector (such as our eyes) to alert us to their presence. That we have the ability, through the use of these organic detectors on our faces, to effortlessly filter a portion of this mess of frequencies into a coherent image is a fact worthy of awe. The waves from every radio station, mobile phone call, wifi signal (and countless others) are around us whether we are detecting them or not.

Funding credits to: The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council for the Arts. 

Construction credits to: Rachael Chaisson, Ann Thrale, Rita McKeough, Tristan Zastrow.

Robyn Moody (b. 1975, Lethbridge, Canada) lives and works in Calgary, Canada. He takes a multifaceted approach to art-making, lately focussed on electronics, mechanics, installation, sound, and sculpture. Often humorous, often strikingly beautiful, and often hiding a dark secret, Moody’s work explores (in whole or in part) the complex relationships between technological advances, human belief and interpretations of the world, and humanity’s relationship with science, politics, and nature. 

In the past decade, he has shown his work regularly across Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia and Europe. Notable recent examples include Transmediale (Berlin, DE), Lighting Guerrilla (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Werkleitz Festival (Halle, DE), Némo Biennale (Paris, FR), and Manif D’art 8 – La Biennale de Québec (Quebec City). Upcoming projects include the Bienal Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a new work for Nocturne in Halifax, Canada. He has twice been nominated for Canada’s Sobey Art Award, in 2010 and 2012.