Molior, in collaboration with Hexagram and the Montreal Sciences Centre, is pleased to welcome COMPOSITE #26.

COMPOSITE is a bimonthly networking event dedicated to digital creativity. The result of a Conseil des arts de Montréal initiative , this event is organized in collaboration with a company in the digital industry and by a different cultural organization for each of its iterations. It aims to create a recurring meeting space between the art world and the digital industry sector, by fostering encounters and stimulating and encouraging cross pollination between creators, artist-run centres, organizations, businesses and digital industry professionals.


6PM (UTC-5) February 25 2021

Event in French

Each COMPOSITE event unfolds according to the same structure. A Minute Inspiration blitz introduces the evening: 10 digital players have one minute each to share a project that has recently had an impact, inspired, or touched them. This is followed by 6 keynote presentations, lasting 6 minutes each, of projects selected in advance by the COMPOSITE committee through a call for participation. The projects can come from the field of art, industry or social innovation. Their guiding thread is their shared capacity to inspire, stimulate innovation and awaken viewers’ desire for discovery and exploration. The event concludes with an evening of networking, discussions, to allow both presenters and participants to forge links and flesh out their respective projects. For this edition, COMPOSITE honours collaboration. The event will be an opportunity to present projects in which collaborative strategies or solidarity approaches have an important and original place.