This publication presents the reflections that emerged from the international group of participants of the Rethinking Our Futures: Art and Collaboration symposium. In the year following the event, the key concepts that arose from the group’s discussions took shape as a series of essays, diagrams and interviews, notably in the form of audio tracks. In addition, it also comprises two digital artworks produced specifically in response to the addressed issues. The collaborative nature of these two works is a reminder that the dialogical axis acted both as a central notion in the group’s reflections and as a structuring modality of the symposium.

The variety of voices that make up this publication is a good reflection of the thematic multiplicity it foregrounds. Through the lens of empathy, accessibility, hybridity, resonance and recognition, the various adaptation strategies of the art milieu—with a specific focus on curatorial work and the field of digital literacy—are discussed in a context in which the effects of the pandemic are still palpable.

In order to broaden its scope, the publication includes interviews with colleagues who were not part of the initial group of participants. Elsewhere, it’s the form of the diagram or of the co-authored text that enhances the content. This diversity of formats is echoed in a diversity of tones that fully embodies our collective call for free forms of expression and a horizon characterized by kindness.

Aseman Sabet
Head of program
Editorial coordinator

Art pathways of digital infrastructure
Irena Borić
Small talk
Irena Borić et Doris Kosminsky
Art and Collaboration in a Perspective of Resonance
Marie-Ève Beaupré
Digital Strategies and Media Art Preservation
Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás & Béla Tamás Kónya
All the Love We Carry Within – Reflection on  the symposium Rethinking our Futures: Art and Collaboration
Camille Larivée
Even Apart, We’re In This Together: Care & Accountability in Art Worlds Beyond Social Media
Mikhel Proulx
Dialogues between Juliana Braga & Dominique Fontaine
Dominique Fontaine & Juliana Braga
Hacking the Digital Economy in Favour of a Collective Techno-artistic Appropriation
Éric Desmarais
Elisabeth Efua G. Sutherland
La Fontaine et la chute IV (Origins)
Julie Tremble & Philippe Hamelin
Making an Internet-Specific Exhibition
Seihee Shon
(snow globe)
Antoine Goudreau
A Few Notes on an Ever-changing Process
Natacha Clitandre
The Aesthetics of Participatory and Collaborative Work
Seihee Shon
Sparks on a Creative Process Diagram
Doris Kosminsky